All Generations of the Family Can Travel by Train in Europe for Less

All Generations of the Family Can Travel by Train in Europe for Less
Trains provide one of the best ways to explore Europe, even for families and multi-generational groups, especially with family-friendly Eurail pricing and passes. 

Ask us to help you plan a rail-focused trip to Europe 

and maximize your transportation budget so you can splurge on other experiences! 

Eurail makes traveling around 33 countries in Europe ‘child’s play,’ especially since children under 12 can travel free and those over 60 get a 10% discount. 
Each adult with a Eurail Pass can travel with up to two children for free. Everyone is invited: parents, grandparents, and even distant cousins can ride the rails together.  Here are some of the best reasons to talk to us about traveling with a multi-generational group through Europe on a Eurail pass:
  • Each adult Eurail Pass holder can travel to 33 countries with two children for free. 
  • Large families enjoy extra savings. For a family with two parents and two grandparents, up to eight children in one family can tag along for free.  
  • Children under four travel for free and don’t need a Eurail Pass.
  • Children aged 4 to 11 can travel for free with a Child Pass. 
  • Travelers aged 12 to 27 can travel with a discounted Youth Pass. 
  • 10% discount for travelers over 60 with the Senior Pass. 
Train travel in Europe beats cars, hands down. 
Everyone traveling by rail in Europe gets to see some of the best scenery while avoiding traffic jams on roads or streets or the hassle of going to the airport for short-haul flights between cities. 
No parking challenges or fees. And train stations are right in the heart of cities, where you want to be. Plus, European countries cutting emissions from air travel have more and more train connections between cities. 
Families benefit even more. Comfortably seated in a train car, every member of the family can move around and stretch their legs, have access to a toilet at all times and get a snack at will in the restaurant coach – all without interrupting your journey! 
Many train configurations allow for four facing seats with a table in the middle where kids can play games, color, look at maps and devices, and most importantly, stay occupied and out of parents’ hair! 
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